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So you have gophers? How do you know you have gophers? Your yard is dug up and looks like someone has dumped a pile of dirt on it. Austin gopher control problems can be controlled for gopher traps or one gopher trap. If using one trap, your control program will take longer to solve the gopher problem. Gopher poison and gopher bait are also ways to control gophers. A gopher repellant is not a very effective tool as the gopher will simply move to a new area of the lawn. Some people call them a gopher mole, but the gopher is not a mole at all and they are quite different creatures. For one, their diets are dramatically different. Moles eat meat and insects where gophers eat vegetation.

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Gopher Removal Austin, Waco and surrounding Central TX

A garden gopher will destroy your crops by eating the roots first. Eating the roots will obviously kill the plant and the gopher will have to be removed so you can successfully grow a garden, alfalfa field or any other crop. Gopher extermination will provide your Austin home or business with the control you need to succeed. A gopher pest will travel from yard to yard in urban and suburban neighborhoods. When they find their favorite foods they will camp out and raise a family. The gopher killing program must be started early as this gopher pest will not go away with electronic repellers. Repellents and electronics are another hocus pocus product that will not work. Millions of dollars a year are earned by companies that sell this junk and it is worthless.

Gopher removal comes from hard work it takes to get rid of gophers. This is not something that you simply place a trap in the ground anywhere and you automatically catch it. Nature just doesn’t work that way. Gopher problems take time and patience for a gopher lawn. When in the lawn, a gopher trap placed by a pro will work wonders. To get rid of gophers, a gopher eradication program for killing gophers will be instituted.

Gopher Pest Control

Gopher pest control is how to get rid of gophers. A gopher service provided by a gopher company are experts at getting rid of gophers. They know that killing gophers is better than any gopher repellant or gopher bomb. A bomb will only control them in the immediate area and will not control others because they will shut down tunnels from time to time. Gopher trapping once again is how to get rid of gopher. With every control program comes its advantages and disadvantages. Gopher prevention is not very successful because you cannot fence off your entire yard below the soil. You can try, but it is a waste of money and your time.

When looking at your yard, you probably won’t find any gopher holes and they cover them up. The reason they do this is to protect them from predators. Control gophers the right way and stop the gopher damage in its tracks. Rid gophers from your property and eliminate them. Gopher pests can pop up at any time and getting rid of gopher problems will make your lawn and landscaping beautiful again.

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